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Curriculum vitae

2017 – present: Chairman Hoofcare Expertise Centre (HEC) in the Netherlands

2021 – present:  Visitation Expert of the European System of Evaluation of Veterinary Training (ESEVT) on behalf of the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE)(quality assurance)

2000 – present: Director H3 Consultancy, Veterinary Advising (for Services click here)

2020 – present: Jobcoach Royal Dutch Veterinary Association

2019 – present: Visiting Researcher, Department of Population Health Sciences, Veterinary Faculty,  Utrecht University, Veterinary Epidemiology

2010 – 2019: Associate Professor, Head of the Ruminant Health Section, Department of Population Health Sciences, Veterinary Faculty, Utrecht University

2004: Diplomate European College of Bovine Health Management (ECBHM)

December 2003: PhD Veterinary Faculty, Utrecht University, Thesis entitled: “Cystic ovarian disease in dairy cattle”, treatment, heritability, and epidemiology

1999: Specialist Bovine Health Care (Dutch register)

1996 – 2013: Different functions within the Royal Dutch Veterinary Association, lastly as Board Member

Oct. 1979 – March 2010: Veterinarian at the Veterinary Clinic Mid-Fryslân, Akkrum

Febr 1979 – Sept. 1979: Veterinarian at the Veterinary Clinic “de Beuk”, Wolvega

1971-1979: Study Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University (incl. preparatory year)